Years ago, I told my dear friend, Heidi Rose Robbins, that she was the poet laureate of my life.  We laughed.  But I was dead serious.  Heidi is not only a gifted astrologer- she is a visionary poet.  Her words crack me open and leave me softened and full.  Today, I'd like to share a poem that Heidi posted recently on her blog.  
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What to Do with Sadness

When sadness lingers,
When loneliness creeps in to sit beside you
And will not leave,
When you can no longer feel a spark of joy
In even a hidden corner,

Find something,
That is burning–
A star
A porch lamp
A candle on the table.

Then, imagine that light
At the center of your heart
And remember
You are molten love.

The only thing to do
With sadness
Is to introduce it to
Indestructible Beauty–
To the flame
Of love
Present in every
Living thing.

Start with a
Morning glory
Or a sparrow.
Start with the
Spirited eyes
Of the woman
Who serves you
Start with a poem.

Sadness meet cherry blossom.
Lethargy meet the Ninth Symphony.
Despair meet the eyes of a child.

And then,
Be very, very quiet,
Take a few deep breaths,
Let them converse for a time.

~By Heidi Rose Robbins

6/22/2013 01:55:53 am

Thank you, dear friend. What a gorgeous picture to accompany my poem. I am so grateful for your words. Big love!

12/3/2020 03:16:09 am

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