After seeing a few moving clips from this years Presidential Medal of Freedom event (Ellen, anyone?), I decided to watch the whole thing. What a beautiful, uplifting event! Though I knew of it's existence in the past, I chalked it up to a nice thing but basically pomp and circumstance. Now I want to hold my own Medal of Freedom event to honor people in my life! :) What a profound thing it is to honor and share how people have changed the fabric of the earth - how they have inspired us and pushed us toward progress. Though not ready to give my Medal of Freedom event (yet), I am inspired to tell people more often ways that they inspire me.
The other day I met up with my dear friend, Lynn, for tea. I shared about tough moments post-election, we talked about our commitment to being a loving presence in the world. We talked about the importance of childlike wonder and being present. Then we took a break to get more water. During this break, Lynn noticed a homeless man in the cafe having a coffee. She immediately walked over to him and asked if he had what he would like to eat. He said he didn't and she said she would get it for him and brought him a menu. He chose his meal, introduced himself and she went up and ordered and paid for him. Then she returned without mention of it to continue our conversation.
That has remained with me as a touchstone of how I want to move through the world - leaving kindness in my wake, letting people know that they are safe, they are loved. It is simple and can manifest in a multitude of ways. Thank you, LJ, for walking the walk and reminding me again that there can be grace in the middle of it all.
As we move through this time that is not normal, I'm committed to creating a new normal for myself. Yes, let's be activists; yes, lets stay informed. But also let's be walking emanations of love. Let's shine our lights so bright. Let's create the world we want to live in.
11/23/2016 09:08:57 pm

Love this story, love you both, love the wake you leave. ❤


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